Tuesday, June 23, 2009

BJP raps govt for reducing fund for MCD

NEW DELHI: The MCD-Delhi government tussle refuses to die down. On Tuesday, the budget session of the assembly saw much fireworks as the
Opposition slammed the ruling party for "politicizing'' the budget.

Terming the reduced amount of fund allocated to the civic body as an attempt to politicise the issue, senior BJP leader Jagdish Mukhi said the government was "duty-bound'' to allocate a substantial amount of funds to the MCD.

"The government is duty-bound to allocate funds to the MCD as per rules of the Delhi Finance Commission,'' said Mukhi, adding that by refusing to allot the requested amount, the government was failing to do its duty.

Criticizing the government for using the budget to "promote its own agenda'', Mukhi cited the decreasing allocation over the years as proof. "Since 2007, the government has been decreasing funds to the MCD even as it has increased the amount for NDMC. This year, it has further cut the amount, proving that Congress is politicizing the budget,'' added Mukhi. The remark drew censure from the treasury benches, especially finance minister AK Walia, who denied the charge, claiming funds had been allocated as per project specifications.

Even the Commonwealth Games 2010 allocation came in for protests from the Opposition, with BJP saying all the development was taking place in east Delhi. Claiming that the Commonwealth Games shouldn't happen at the cost of the development of the rest of the city, the BJP said that it was disheartening that development was taking place only in one area, an indirect reference to the CM, whose son Sandeep Dikshit is the east Delhi MP.

Censuring the government for not allocating enough funds for the welfare of the poor, especially in areas like agriculture and rural development, the Opposition added that the only relief had been to the richer sections, with the government proposing to slash the luxury tax on hotels

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