Friday, May 22, 2009

Games on mind, MCD wants uniform signboards for a beautiful Delhi

With an eye on the beautification of the city before the Commonwealth Games, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi has come up with a unique proposal. It plans to have a fixed size for all signboards outside shops in different markets. Those exceeding the prescribed measurements will be taxed.
As part of its outdoor advertising policy formulated to ensure uniform and aesthetically-driven advertising in the city, the proposal, tabled last Wednesday in a standing committee meeting, stipulates that shopkeepers should pay tax for all signboards above 2.5 square metres in size. The proposal fixes the width of signboards at 0.75 metres, above which they are liable to be taxed. While the tax rates will range from Rs 110 per square metre per annum to Rs 163 per square metre per annum, depending on the locality of a particular commercial establishment, the length of signboards will not be allowed to exceed that of the shop.
(Deepu Sebastian Edmond)

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